Wednesday, January 29, 2014

LTE Cell Search - Synchronization Procedure

UE searches in all centre frequencies

Primary synchronization Signal(PSS) 

  • achieve subframe, slot and symbol synchronisation in the time domain 
  • identify the center of the channel bandwidth in the frequency domain 
  • Physical Layer ID (N2CellID)

PSS is Zadoff-Chu sequence which is CAZAC.
Transmitted on last symbol of slot 0 and 10 for FDD, third symbol of slots 2 and 12 for TDD.

Secondary Synchronization signal(SSS)

  • gives cell ID group(N1CellID)
  • frame timing
  • CP length

SSS is constructed using two interleaved maximum length sequences.
Transmitted on second last symbol of slot 0 and 10 in FDD, last symbol of slots 1 and 11 in TDD.

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